Glasband 80
The Kelvingrove Rock Festivals were set up and managed by Radio Clyde's John McCalman. The idea was to showcase the cream of Scottish local musicians in front of a live audience for free. In spite of being told at the beginning that "no one will turn up" The festivals were a huge success thanks to the quality of the bands playing at the Festivals and the excellent management and organisation of the event.
Information on the Festivals is hard to come by these days but here we have the  info from the  1983 and 1985 programmes as well as some brilliant photos from Joe James (Zero Zero) and Billy Hepburn who had the sense way back then to take a good camera to these events and document them ....check out Billy's website on
Below ... Photo provided by Joe James
Below ... Photo provided by Joe James
Zero Zero 1985
Kelvingrove 1983
The Force, Kelvingrove 1983
2014 Documentary about the Bandstand