Glasband 80

A lot of venues like The Burns Howff, Maxwell Plumbs and The Dalriada have been demolished since but we do have pictures of some of the venues or the buildings where the venues used to be.

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Toffs ….(The building burned down in December 2006)

Situated on Charing Cross next to the Mitchell library Scheme launched their debut E.P. single “Growing Stronger” here in the summer of 1982.

The Heathery Bar (Wishaw)
Favourite gig for Chasar.The Dolphins,Shoot The Moon and more, STM actually named a song after the place

Above , Scheme playing Auchinlea in 1982

The Auchinlea rock concert (Easterhouse)

This was an unlikely but very popular venue held every August from 1982 to 1985..the picture to the left is Scheme when their popularity was on the rise performing at the very first concert in 1982... local bands Glasgow and The Dolphins played a five a side football match to determine who was to perform at night ( the winner would get the benefit of lights when playing ) this was the 1983 concert
Glasgow won!!.
The Dolphins 1983
Refurbished Bandstand 2015

Kelvingrove Bandstand
Venue for the famous kelvingrove rock festivals in the 70s and 80s hosted by radio Clyde also where The Dolphins played their biggest gig in the summer of 1983.

It was in a sorry state of disrepair for years but there was a campaign by an organisation called “Friends of Kelvingrove Park” to restore the amphitheatre and get it back in use again, they refurbished the Bandstand in 2014 as part of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Right The Loch Lomond Rock Festival

Photo from the 1980 concert held over 2 days on June 21st and 22nd
The bands that played on the 21st
The Chords, Bad Manners, The Cuban Heals, The Only Ones, Ra Bears, The Regents, Stiff Little Fingers, The Tourists and The Jam.
On the 22nd.
Red Ellis, The Henry Gorman Band, Wilde Horses, Lindisfarne, The Ian Gillan Band, Krokus, The Denny Laine Band, Saxon and Wishbone Ash.

The Apollo … (Renfield street)
Scheme played here in 1984.the only unsigned band to play and Headline the venue..
The Glasow Apollo was pulled down in 1985…..”Cineworld “ Cinema complex now stands on this site and "Walkabout Bar" now replaces the entrance on Renfield Street.

The Mayfair ….(Sauchiehall street)
The Dolphins and later David Forbes Packed this venue out in 83 and 84

The PavilionTheatre ….(Renfield street)

Scheme played three gigs here in the mid 80s, one of which was used to record the fans singing the song C.N.D which appeared on the bands Black and Whites album in 1986

The Dalriada …..(Edinburgh road)
Now demolished it was situated just on the outskirts of Easterhouse .

The Centaur bar
Scheme played some of their first gigs here in the centre of Easterhouse
situated yards away from where the Auchinlea concerts were held.

The Doune Castle …. (Shawlands)

It has changed hands a few times since the early 80s but was a unique venue in it's day with dodgy acoustics caused by the Bier Keller décor with stone walls. And floors, still it was a great venue
The ex owner of the Doune Castle went on to open another good venue at the Clyde side on Clyde street called The Doune

The Lincoln Inn (Great Western road)

Where, Dodger, & Shoot the Moon played before moving onto bigger things

Below, The Muscular Arms (the corner of West George street and West Nile street), it is now a Pizza Hut, the bar would have been on the ground level and the bands played in the upstairs lounge.

Cumbernauld Theatre

Dodger (who came from Cumbernauld ) played here as well as Shoot the Moon and The Dolphins

This map is from the inside sleeve of local band Sneaky Pete’s first single “Night Time In The City” from1980

Below , A list of the main live band venues in the mid 80s

Above..A rare photo of Rab Mathieson Poet and Writer, his play G34 OJX went on to win awards at The Edinburgh Fringe in 1982. (Rab is the guy with the beard to the left of the girl walking past) Gary Lewis was in that play and went on to become the actor he is today, The Band in the background are called Syndicate who won the Easterhouse battle of the bands to play at the first Auchinlea rockfest  in 1982.
The Burns Howff
West Regent Street
Maxwell Plumbs.
Situated on Clyde Street across the road from
Custom House Quay Bandstand, Easterhouse band Scheme played here every Saturday afternoon from around 1983 to 1989.
Maxwell Plumbs featured heavily in The Scheme 1986 Documantary Innocent As Hell.