Joolz Gizzi - Guitars

Peter Scallan - Vocals

Cami Morlotti - Bass/vocals

Ian Murray - Guitars/vocals

Alan Thornton - Drums/Vocals

Band line up
Blind Allez Kelvigrove 1985
Below, 21 years later....Rockers 2006

Blind Allez formed in the early 1980s by guitarist Jools Gizzi, singer Peter Scallan and bass player Cami Morlotti, they started rehearsing and writing while still looking for additional members to complete their line up, eventually Chris Bowes was brought in on guitar with Alan Thornton on drums.

The band started to play gigs for a while with this line up but for family commitment reasons Chris left and Ian Murray came in on guitar to complete the line up.
They played gigs all over central Scotland in places such as "The Venue" (Glasgow) "The Heathery bar" (Wishaw) "The Preservation Halls" (Edinburgh) and in May 1985 they secured a spot at the Kelvingrove Rock Festival playing along side the cream of the local rock scene such as Zero Zero, Abel Ganz, Glasgow and Lion Rampant.

Sadly this was the last time Blind Allez were to play together for 21 years as both Peter Scallan and Ian Murray moved on to other projects.
Ian went on to form the band "Five Past Midnight" and Peter joined "Chasar" before going on to work on a couple of projects with heavy rock monsters "Samson"

This was of course not the end of the band, they went on to recruit Mark Rankin and David Aitken, they changed their name to "Phobia" and continued to play live and write new material.
Eventually a management contract was secured in 1986 and they signed to A&M Records in 1987 under their new name "GUN"………The rest is history.

But now the boys are back, back to basics and planning to start gigging on a regular basis so watch this space!

Jools Gizzi …Worked with "Texas", co founder and main songwriter of  "El Presidente" (along with his brother Dante).

Peter Scallan …Worked with "Chasar" and "Samson" moved to work in Saudi
For a few years but is now back in Glasgow and back on
Vocals again.

Ian Murray …Never stopped playing, has worked with various local acts, still
Plays with his own rock covers band "Five Past Midnight".

Cami Morlotti …Has also stayed active in the local music scene and has
Played with a number of outfits such as "Glass Houses"
And "Usual Suspects" he happily sessions with bands on a
Regular basis and has worked with such bands as "The

Alan Thornton …After leaving "GUN" went on to session with "Slide", Cliff
Moore and "Dr Chocolate" amongst others he also
Contributed to El Presidente’s debut album appearing
On nine of the tracks.

Below...Taken from the 1985 Kelvingrove Festival Programme
The Blind Allez write up was taken from their Official website with their kind permission...Thanks guys.

"In my heart"

Below..."Phobia" at Kelvingrove 1986, almost the same line up,  with Mark Rankin taking over on lead vocals after Peter Scallan left  the band.
Special thankyou to Alan Thornton for providing all of the information and helping us with the Blind Allez page.
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