"The Great Scots Musicography"
By Martin C Strong.
" Big Noise, The Sound Of Scotland"
By Martin Kielty.
"Minstrels Poets and Vagabonds"
By Robert Fields.
Minstrels Poets and Vagabonds
Scotland Internet
Henry Gorman
Andrew King Imageing
The Glasgow Apollo
Stevie Doherty (A Saucerful Of Floyd)
This part of GB80 gives you relevant books and websites to read, look at or look out for, for more information on the Scottish music era over the past five decades.
"45 Revolutions" is the definitive book on punk, mod, powerpop, new wave, NWOBHM, and indie singles issued in the UK and in Ireland between late 1976 and the end of 1979.

At just under 1200 pages, this is the first volume in a projected series of discographies dealing with the initial era of Punk Rock. Fully annotated with descriptions and colour images of every release included - this is staggeringly detailed. Unquestionably worth the money for those interested in the vinyl documentation of the era.
So what do you get?  Well in a nutshell; 2000+ artists, 3000+ singles, 4500+ picture sleeves and labels in full colour, Hits, Failures and Obscurities. Demo's, Promo's and Worldwide Pressings. Line-ups, Histories and Futures as well as Rarity and Collectability Ratings.