Band Line Up

Joe Coyle - Bass , Vocals
Derek Park -
Guitar , Vocals
Gerry Dickson - Drums

Known for their tight and energetic live stage show Dodger were three musicians who worked hard on stage with that rare ability to make it look easy although they were only armed with a bass, one guitar, drums and vocals, each member was more than capable of playing their part in the band, this shone through no more so than in songs like “All Get Up And Laugh” and “Choosing the President” combining good song writing with more than enough ability and charisma. Dodger played all over the country from the north of Scotland to the south of England as well as appearing in several T.V. shows.

Dodger formed in the late 70s in Cumbernauld with all three members having stayed in the same street and all being involved in the local band scene,
in1978 Joe Coyle and Derek Park asked Gerry Dickson who was playing in a band called “Stag” to join their band to go on a tour of Germany but the tour fell through, they carried on to play as a covers band in places like the El Paso in Barlarnark (near Easterhouse) and The Maltings in Cumbernauld Eventually moving onto the bigger pub circuit in the centre of Glasgow.
In 1979 they decided to concentrate on original songs and to take Dodger down the same path as their musical influences, the power trios like Cream, Rush, The Jam and The Police, the punk era of 76 / 77 not only influenced but added to the excitement and kick ass sound of Dodger’s songs
By 1980 offers of work were pouring in from all over the U.K. Dick James in London
Offered Dodger a British tour with their band of the moment “The Fabulous Poodles”
Then Ginger Baker (drummer with Cream) Offered Dodger the Scottish leg of his world tour.
In 1981 The band were headlining their own British tours which included gigs from places like Sky and Wick to the “In” London venues of the time like “Dingwalls” and “The 101 Club”. In their four years of existence Dodger left the power trio legacy which was carried on by bands like Nirvana, Blink 182 and Muse.
In1982 the band starred in their own T.V. special Called “Back on the streets” hosted by Tom Ferrie ,the show allowed the band to showcase six of their own songs in front of a live audience, they also appeared on “Street Buzz” in 1982 and “The Untied shoelaces Show” in 1983.
What are the band members doing today? Gerry Dickson is still living in Cumbernauld and is teaching drums at Pauls Halls Studios in Cumbernauld, Derek Park was the lead guitarist with Mac Floyd for many years but has recently moved and is now living in Spain (Derek has agreed to do an interview with GB80 so watch this space) Joe Coyle is now living and working in Bosnia and plays in “The Joe Coyle Band” who have recorded an album due out at the beginning of 2007.

Many thanks to Gerry Dickson for providing all of the information for the Dodger section of the site.

Stills taken from the bands T.V. appearances on “Street Buzz” and “Back on the streets”.

Joe Coyle
Derek Park
Gerry Dickson
"All get up and laugh"
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