O2 SEPT 2012

The Dolphins got back on stage again effectively for the first time in 30 years on Friday the 21st of September 2012 and it was as though they had never been away. Once the intro music died down and the band got ready to start Cammy was at his jocular best    " All right there Gaylords!!"       To which the crown gave a cheer......Bass player George pitched in " Thanks for coming"......."This songs called Running"........( see video  below )
The Dolphins were BACK!
The atmosphere was electric, the crowd were loving the anticipation.  it was just like being back in the early 80s when the guys were filling every venue they played.

They played some classic tracks starting with "Running", THEN  "Homelife",  "Tin Soldier",  "Light up the sky part 1",  "Me and know one else",  "The outsider",  "Stay", " Tonight"  "She's so right"  and " Davie Jones" ......

Cammy was back on form musically and back again with bravado wit in between songs .  One classic line was when he said " You're probably looking at us and thinking ...My f***  they've aged!!  but there is only five of us, you ought to see the f***ing state of you guys! seriously, it's like somthing out of  Cocoon" ....

The sound was as expected excellent with Cammy's brother Ski on the desk, George was solid on bass, Davie Edgar handled the guitar and vocals well (especially since was the original drummer)  Drew Phillips had to cover Cammy's piano parts as well as his own keyboard duties and did a great job and young Gordon McNeil was flawless on drums.

Hopefully this is just the start of The Dolphins part 2....with more gigs on the way.

                                                     IVORY BLACKS.... DEC 2012

The Dolphins Played a Blinder of a gig at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow on December 28th 2012 with Davie Edgar back on drums and Scott (Stix Diamond) Ramsey taking over on lead guitar. Scott's guitar work on Best Years of my Youth was amazing and one of the highlights of the gig along with the dual guitar riff with Cammy on The opening song "Running".

This time The Band had more time and the chance to play a more varied repertoire with Cammy playing piano on ballads such as Hold on, Stay and Best Years of my Youth . They also played the insrumental "Song for the Japanese Dolphin" (when was the last time you saw a band play an instrumental?)     with an introduction to how the song/tune came about. (with a wee dedication...Thanks Cammy)

The crowd loved every minute of the gig judging by the noise they made after every song and as usual there was the inbetween song banter with the crowd.

Songs played were... Running, Hijacked ,Homelife,  The Outsider,  Light up the Sky part 1,  Stay, Next Time Around,  Paradise Lost, Hold On,  Davie Jones,Tin Soldier,  She's So Right,  Song for the Japanese Dolphin,  Best years of my Youth, Tonight, Slow Dowm  and ...Me and no-one Else.

The band have worked hard and put a lot of effort into pulling these gigs off and they are not sure if they will play again which would be a shame Thanks to The Dolphins for showing us again how it should be done with great songs and class musicianship. If you do play again I will be there along with the newly converted Dolphins fans from the last two outstanding gigs.



Click here for....A collection of The Dolphins Videos from the 80s until now.

The Dolphins 2012 Line up

Cammy  Forbes- vocals/guiter
George Dunnachie- bass/vocals
Drew Philips- keyboards
Davie Edgar -guitar/vocals
Gordon McNeil- Drums
Scott (Stix Diamond) Ramsey-Guitar
The Dolphins Ivory Blacks write up Below. Plus a mini Interview with Cammy from Sept 2012

                                          Cammy Forbes Mini Interview Sept 2012

The Last time we met up around 2 years ago you were thinking of getting the band back together what happened after that ?

George , Drew and I started rehearsing again and later we were Joined by Davy Edgar and Gordon McNeil , then the guy who books bands for the O2 Academy called and offered us the slot to support Then Jerico in September, turns out that we sold loads more tickets than they did in fact if we had sold a couple more tickets we could have played the bigger hall upstairs at The O2.

Where did the band rehearse?

We rehearsed at A+ M Studios run by in Cumbernauld. Run by Alistair and Mark from Mac Floyd

The O2 gig, how did the band think it went?

We all thought it went great! We had no idea how was going to go but the crowd got into it right from the start. It was just like being back at The Dial Inn way back in the early days, all of our mobiles had about 60 messages each after the gig thanking us and wishing us well and stuff so the crowd did enjoy the gig.

Does the band have any future plans to play again?

Myself , Drew and George have agreed to do another date, nothing confirmed yet, we are still looking at venue ideas , support band maybe? and dates….possibly around Christmas/New Year time.

After the success of the O2 gig, do you ever wish you had got back playing sooner ?

(Cammy’s first reaction)…… Yes! (Then)….. Well I don’t know, maybe now is the right time.

Have you noticed the difference in the equipment tech wise compared to the early days?

Yes, we played the whole gig along to a click track which Gordon could hear through his ear piece and some of the keyboard parts were pre recorded as a backing track put together by Davie and  I …. i.e. The strings intro to “Stay”, The intro to “The Outsider” etc.. …..We could have played the gig without those but it just made it a bit easier and the songs flowed better.
Gordon was amazed with our early studio recordings of songs like light up the Sky part 1. He would say " What! You guys recorded that playing LIVE without a click track! for that demo?... I explained that yes, I would be in one booth and George would be in another with Davie would be on drums in another room we would all be playing live for the recording.

Your wife got to see you playing live for the first time, how did she feel about the gig?

My wife was at the gig with friends from her work and they all loved it , She had only heard me playing the piano and guitar around the house now and then and me talking to folk about band stuff occasionally so it was good that she finally got to hear and see us live for once…..She loved it.

Will you play the piano ballads be in the set at the next gig and what other songs are being considered?

We are still working out what other songs to put in to the set and yes the piano stuff will be involved in the next gig , we couldn’t play too many ballads at the O2 gig in case it did not fit with a “Then Jerico” crowd but the next gig I will be playing piano on some songs like “Stay” and “Best Years of my Youth” ….But there are some other songs being considered like “Just Another Mother” , “Next Time Around” and the instrumemental “Song for the Japanese Dolphin” .

Cammy threw back at me the question ……“ What five songs would you put into the next Dolphins set”

I went blank!... I’m used to thinking up questions  not answers! …….Now that I have thought about it….. Here goes.

My five songs would be...

Just Another Mother
Best years of my Youth
Older and Wiser
The Bottom Line
Song for the Japanese Dolphin.

Big Thanks to Cammy.Forbes for the info on The Dolphins resurgence


Ivory Blacks photos taken by Clare Devlin, thanks Clare I will do the dishes tonight as a reward!