Rock vocalist Michael Boyle played with local band “The Downtown flyers” from 1977 to 1979 playing regular gigs in “Clouds”, Shuffles” and “The Maggie” some of the other band's playing that circuit at the time were “Salvation”, “Mollsmyre” and “Dead End Kids” among others.
Michael moved on to form the Bands “Heaven” and later “Wildcat” were he met Archie Dickson (guitar) , Neil Russell (bass) and Joe Kilna (drums), as the Glasgow based theatre group at that time were called “Wildcat” the band decided to change their name, under the thought process of… “If Boston and Chicago can name themselves after cities, why can't we”…so “GLASGOW” became the bands name.

Glasgow's music was at the beginning a mix of good Rock covers from AC/DC and Deep Purple and their own heavy metal/melodic Rock material, they quickly signed to “Neat Records” in 1983 and released the single “Under The Lights” a three song 12” single followed by a 7” single called “Stranded” with “In The Heat Of The Night” as the B side.







Glasgow's success was starting to earn the band the right to open for Nazareth, Pallas, Uriah Heep doing sessions for The Tommy Vance rock show as well as appearing locally at Kelvingrove The East Kilbride Rock Festivals and Auchinlea Rock Concerts.

They got the chance to play a full set in the Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow by accident, originally booked to support the band “Shy” turned out some of “Shy's” gear was stolen so they couldn't come on and Glasgow carried on to play the whole gig, not a bad record for a bunch of musicians from Blairdardie in the West End..

The Band Released an album and a single in 1987 the Album was called “Zero Four One” named after the Glasgow telephone dialing code 041 ( now 0141 for you young folk) as well as the album they released a single from the album featuring the tracks “Secrets In The Dark” and “Meet Me Half Way”,

The Zero Four One album had eight original tracks and was produced by Kenny Denton and also featured “Rainbow”Keyboard player Don Airey.

Band Line Up

Michael Boyle - Vocals
Archie Dickson - guitar
Neil Russell - bass
Joe Kilna - drums

later on
Paul McManus - drums

Left to right,  Archie Dickson,  Joe Kilna,  Neil Russell and  Mick Boyle
Above, write up for 1984 Kelvingrove Festival
"No more lonely nights"
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The Album "Zero Four One" released in 1987
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Above...Joe Kilna... Auchinlea Rockfest 1983