Where were you brought up and when did you get in to music?

I was brought up in Gourock and got into music through my family.
My father was a guitar player,he played with comedian Chic Murray and had an old Hofner semi acoustic that I used to practice on when I was around 11 years old. Did my first gig at 13 and constantly listened to guitar players of all genres from Django Rheinhart to Jimmy Hendrix.

You played in a band called “Rivendell” did you play in any other bands before HGB?


I played in “The Acme Trucking Company” which featured the cream of musicians from the Inverclyde area including the late great Pat Hammil (vocalist).

In the early days you where especially well known for your guitar work, who where your early influences and where there any local musicians that influenced you?

My early influences were Rory Gallagher, Hendrix and later on all of the guitarists that played with Steely Dan. Skunk Baxter, Elliot Randall et al, I became friends with Elliot when I lived in New York. There are lots more influences not so well known like Nick Gravenites (Janis Joplin) Deke Leonard (Man) Tony McPhee (Groundhogs) and probably my Dad who played mainly swing Jazz.

Your album “The Official Bootleg” done well in Europe and your website described your tour there as “an interesting time” what did you mean by this and what memories do you have of when you played there?

It was interesting being in Bulgaria one week and Poland the next at the time of the death of Leoned Breznev. In Sophia the people were in deep mourning and shouting anti - western insults outside our hotel, then in Warsaw the following week the Poles were dancing in the street.

You moved to New York in 1984, how did that come about?

I really felt that the music I was writing at the time belonged to an American market, so I moved to New York along with Danny Gisbey (Keyboards HGB) and my twin brother Wullie on Bass, we auditioned drummers and found Roy Martin a very gifted drummer from Liverpool. My hunch it seemed to be proved right as we were signed to Geffen Records within the first year of arrival.

H ow did you get involved in the “Far Corporation” and what did you do on that project?

A former publisher if mine sold his shares to Carlin Music and Frank Farian happened to hear some of my work and liked my voice so he tracked me down and asked me to come to Frankfurt to get involved in the project. I was initially asked to do lead vocals an the remake of “Stairway to Heaven” but I wasn’t very comfortable with that, I was no Robert Plant, I did lead vocals on Free’s “Fire and Water” which I liked a lot it was to be the second single but it was to be decided that Bobby Kimball from “Toto” should get a crack at the next record which basically flopped and they never followed up. We did a TV show with a few other bands at the time, Midge Ure, Marillion, The Thompson Twins, Robert Palmer and a few others, It was fun to do but I didn’t really take it seriously as I was more interested in my own career at the time so I was glad in the end that I went back to New York.

Although you are an accomplished and well capable musician, have you ever been awe struck by some of the musicians you have worked with?

Not really, most of the people I’ve worked with were really down to earth and had no big egos you traditionally find with rock stars, the exception being James Brown he was larger than life and an amazing performer, when you were in his presence you had to address him as Mr Brown.

Your band played at the foot of the WTC New York, how did that gig go and do you think 9-11 affected you more because you actually played there?

The gig was amazing I used a wireless transmitter on the guitar at the time and it was such a good signal that I walked all the way over to Broadway and was still clear as a bell.
9-11 affected me badly at the time as I knew some of the fire - fighters who died on that day, I was often in those buildings so I guess it brought it closer to home.

What was “Big Stupid Guitars”?

It was a band put together after “Roo Ha Ha” split, it was more of a project really, Brit pop songs, I really enjoyed the challenge.

Why and When did you move back to the UK?

I moved back at the end of 2000 almost a year before 9-11. It was for family reasons, I still miss New York. I went back this year for a visit and I felt I had never left.

How is your solo project going?

My solo project is on hold at the minute as I’m bogged down with producing/writing projects. The main one being “The Roslins” an amazing young all girl rock band who really can play, we are in talks with major labels at the minute. They have created quite a buzz here in London. I’m also working with a few other acts that are in development and I’m getting more and more work with film and TV companies both here and the States so I haven’t had any free time to work on my stuff, I will get it done one day.

Is there any bands or musicians you rate at the moment?

I don’t think there has been anyone since “Nirvana”, I quite like “The Foo Fighters” I don’t really fancy much in the UK to be Honest.

Out of all of the places you have played in your career so far is there a venue or gig that stands out as your favourite?

CBGB’s in New York there is no other gig Like it.

What was your favourite Glasgow venue?

Probably The Dial Inn with The Burns Howff a close second and The Bungalow Bar (Paisley) 3rd.

Do you think you will play in Glasgow again?

You never know Tommy, Watch this space.

Since this interview Henry has played gigs in The Darroch Bar in Gourock...Click Here for more info.

Henry Gorman Interview January 2007

Henry Gorman was lead singer and lead guitarist in the very successful Henry Gorman Band in the late 70s early 80s, well known and respected among peers as well as local rock fans as a highly talented guitarist, singer, songwriter, he moved to the States in 1984 and worked as a session musician and producer and has worked with many top artists such as The legendary James Brown,  Midge Ure and Robert Palmer, as well as many others.
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Above, The Acme Trucking Company

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