Jamie Barnes is and was known in the 80s Band scene as "The Godfather of Glasgow pub/rock", respected by all musicians for his raw talent, his roots in the Glasgow band scene and his persistance to perform live in halls and venues that he could have out grown and left behind but chose not to, refusing to be told what to do or where to play,.

Jamie to this day still performs in Venues in Glasgow and has been resident in Macsorley's Bar for the past few years.

Band line up

Jamie Barnes - vocals
Stevie Flynn - guitar
Gordon Campbell - guitar
Ped Kelly - bass
Nod Kerr - drums

Depending on which fans you talk to Jamie Barnes and Cochise have been around for about 100 years, give or take a few AND THEY'RE STILL ROCKING!
Originating from the East end of Glasgow this five piece band have rocked all over Scotland.
Jamie has never signed any deals, refusing to be told where to play or what to play and so the band remain free spirits. 
All the Info on Jamie Barnes part of the site is taken (by kind permission) from The Jamie Barnes and Cochise MySpace Site....Thanks Guys!
Stevie Flynn
Ped Kelly
Nod Kerr
Gordon Campbell
Jamie Barnes and Frankie Miller at the launch of their Portraits at People's Palace.
Jamie Barnes and Cochise relaxing after the Carling Academy gig 2008