Band line up.

Bobby Hamilton Vocals/guitar

Davy Galt Lead guitar/vocals

Billy Colvin Bass Guitar/vocals

Drew Steele Drums/vocals

Necromancer     1977 - 1978

(July) Band formed during summer of 77 from Ayrshire bands Skrooge, Skitzo and Necromancer (1).
Majority of material written by the band in various combinations, initially and mainly Hamilton and Galt.
Musical style could be loosely described as heavy metal rock with an abstract twist ( a concept designed to deviate from the normal )
Rehearsals at the Magnum Green room in Irvine / material prepared at Galt residence in Kilbirnie during autumn and winter of 77
Road crew Dean Adamson, Bobby Wark, Mary Arnott.

9/77 Live debuts in Ayr Kilmarnock Irvine Troon
10/77 Ayrshire gigs continued at Symington & Irvine
Demo recorded at CaVa in St Vincent Street Glasgow ----- ( Slick also working here at this time)
11/77 Live campaign reached Renfrewshire and Lanarkshire at Greenock Gourock Greengairs & Wishaw
Dense fog postponed Glasgow debut at Howff
12/77 Glasgow debut at Burns Howff on 23rd and 29th December.
Reaching the city at the culmination of an eventful year regarded as an accomplishment.

1978               160 gigs

Songwriting and performing continued throughout the year, campaign now encompassing Ayrshire, Renfrewshire, Glasgow and Lanarkshire as in1977
By the summer - Necromancer-mania in Stirlingshire. ( Very big in Falkirk! ) Autumn Fife, Edinburgh and Selkirk debuts.

Glasgow gigs comprised the Howff, Maggie, Amphora, Dounecastle, Dolittle ( Strathclyde Uni ), Pot Black, Curlers, Dial Inn and Mars Bar.
Basic recording of performances at the Maggie and Howff exist on reel and await digitisation.

Composition of material continued at Kilbirnie with rehearsals in Kilwinning hall --- all pretty much a full time affair.

Motherwell Largs Ardrossan Airdrie Bridge of Allan Falkirk Stewarton East Kilbride Kilbirnie Dunfermline Kirkcaldy Edinburgh Galasheils debuts

FAQs---- ' Whit's the lawn mower fur ? Referring to the bands meaningless mascot ( also Toulouse - a polystyrene mannequin head on a mike stand) serving no purpose whatsoever.

Road crews 78a Davy Wilson, Alistair Mcdonald 78b Gordon Findlay, Gordon Wark

The Harbour Arts Centre was to become the bands new headquarters and recording with Andy Doole commenced in October.

1979          Necromancer                                  Masque

Gigs continued throughout the country ( including those over the border in Yorkshire and Lancashire) adding Tayside and Dunbartonshire in the spring.
All writing rehearsing and recording at the Harbour Arts Centre in Irvine, throughout the year.

Hamilton Paisley Leeds Accrington Dundee Harrogate Kinghorn Saltcoats Johnstone Balloch Dalry debuts

During 79, the band worked daily at the HAC, lunched at the Ship Inn and reassembled to perform at venues during the evenings, the tightness of the sound being a consequence of frequent playing.

Notable friends of the band were Eddi Reader (from Irvine), Tam Harvey ( Humblebums) staying in Irvine, and Beith drummer Kenny Harris {who later went on to achieve fame with the Screaming Blue Messiahs in London.}

79 road crew - The two Gordons, Kenny Smith Management / production team - Andy Doole, Jim Duff, Mike Halpin

Style of writing continually graduating towards the 'new wave 'and eventually going completely in this direction, the concept was repackaged as Masque in the second half of the year, the format combining new material with selected Necromancer songs and performing throughout Strathclyde, Stirlingshire and Fife complete with 'Sci-fi' uniforms.

1980  Masque                        Janine                           Out of order

By now the band was gradually dispersing and although Galt officially left in January and was replaced by Keith Murphy from Penilee, they continued to assemble for various projects until that summer.
All involved in session work with Halpin, the Dooles and the Strings and Things Vocalists at the HAC and Gailes in Irvine.
Reassembled sporadically to record Masque material here between January and April and fulfil remaining live commitments, playing one last gig in May at Falkirk as
Hamilton and Steele moved to London where they were reunited in Janine ( currently categorised under New Wave Of British Heavy Metal {NWOBHM)

(Hamiton, Landau, Smith, Gay, Steele)

Colvin continued to write and record at Gailes in Irvine, joining Galt's band Out of order in the autumn. { Garnock valley twin lead rock formula }

(Wallace) Galt, Graham, Colvin, Blair)

During an Out of Order festive gig at the HAC in Irvine, attended by Hamilton and Steele up from London, Necromancer performed a couple of numbers for the very last time thus closing the chapter.

1981                     Janine               Newbeats

Galt left Kilbirnie for London in January while Colvin continued writing and recording in Irvine until May and by the summer they were all in various London bands with Colvin attending auditions and subsequently joining ' power pop ' trio, the Newbeats { Stephanie, Colvin, Nicholas ]

In the autumn, Hamilton decided to pursue another direction with a specific concept so he was reunited with Colvin on the bass and they collaborated on new material, in the flat they shared in the East end of London with Steele,{who subsequently returned to Saltcoats} and Janine and the Newbeats disbanded

1982               Garbo

Colvin and Hamilton continued new musical project Garbo on the Isle of Wight where they were managed by ex T Rex road manager Mick O'Halloran.
Steele eventually rejoined them on drums, and in the spring Micky arranged a recording deal with Bath based Rarn records -- ( independent label affiliated to the T Rex fan club) leading to a single and further albums worth of material being recorded at Crescent studio in Bath
Garbo ----- { Hamilton, Colvin, Steele}
Manager---- Mick O'Halloran Rarn Records----- John & Shan Bramley Producer / engineer --- Glenn Tommey Bath keyboards--- Phil Harrison { the Korgis } { IOW Keyboards -- Paul Mcconkey}
ex Janine guitarist Rick Gay joined team
Garbo eventually left Ventnor in the autumn to work in Bath

1983              Garbo

single The Dancing Strange released and is now apparently very collectable. .
Radio 1 airplay with DLT who presented Garbo in Cardiff coinciding with review by Bananarama and John Peel on round table with Kid Jenson.
As session musicians for the sister label Marc on Wax they added to and enhanced the instruments around Bolan's vocal on the album Dance in the Midnight.
GARBO song When the Ice Breaks produced by David Lord (Peter Gabriel's producer) at Crescent.

Garbo --- { Hamilton, Colvin, Steele} { Rick Gay - guitar, Mike Crossley - keyboards }
As Garbo was a glam rock concept yet another change of direction was pursued to coincide with the musical style of the era and the band evolved into Vis a Vis with new material from Hamilton and selective Garbo songs.

1984              Vis a Vis

{ Hamilton, Steele, Randall ,Huchrak, Colvin, }

Steele left Vis a Vis after the debut gig in January and was replaced by the keyboardists brother John Randall, whose span of work with Colvin ( and Hamilton) continued unitl 2008 . Vis a Vis continued recording and performing throughout 84.
{ Hamilton, Randall ,Huchrak, Colvin, Thornton-Grimes, Randall }
1985______Till Dawn

Colvin / Hamilton Reunited with Steele as session musicians on a new Marc on Wax album Till Dawn recorded at Tears for Fears studio The Woolhall
(now owned by Van Morrison) in Beckington with producer Steve Street and the original T Rex drummer
Bill Legend.
(Recently this version of Children of the Revolution featured on the Billy Elliott soundtrack)

1986 - 1990       Saturday Street

Colvin / Hamilton songwriting project and recordings with engineer Frank Aust [ Hot Dog Jackson } in Bath
During the remainder of the decade they continued to perform with Randall as a trio on the club and hotel circuit throughout the south west of England

1990 HDJ

Colvin performed and depped with various bands including Hot Dog Jackson and continued teaching guitar throughout the 90's

1993             The Core

Colvin returned to record an album in Irvine with Glasgow band The Core and perform with them between 95 and 97 at King Tuts, The Rat Trap,
The Brewhouse ( with SAHB drummer Ted Mckenna) and Irvine Beach Park.

1996 BPL Backbeat The Braithwaite years

Colvin recorded with songwriting team in legendary producer Bill Price's basement ( Mott , the Clash, Guns and Roses etc) with Bill mixing 2 tracks.
Colvin and Hamilton reunited with Randall , Alan Braithwaite ( then Andy Manners ) in Backbeat from 96 until 2005 playing accurate classic covers.
Backbeat supported the Mersey Beats, the Manfreds and Paul Weller .
1998           Caledonia

Colvin/Hamilton songs have been recorded sporadically since 98 including a World Cup anthem up for selection ( pipped by Del A Mitri )
and an Isle of Skye session in 2001.

2007          {Garbo}
25 years later, Hamilton and Colvin had the 24 track Garbo masters from 1982 baked then remastered at Peter Gabriels Real World studio in Box.

Necromancer Now

Since 1981, Galt has performed in a series of London bands and is currently with the

An update is required on Steele who was resident in Shawlands and highland hillwalking in 1997.

Colvin continues to sing and play rock'n'roll in a pop group, {The Sneakers} on the club circuit and teach guitar in Somerset.

Hamilton, based in South Wales recently performed at a Marc Bolan convention tribute concert in Wigan and is currently in the process of recruiting musicians to establish a Mott the Hoople tribute act.

Billy Colvin
Bobby Hamilton
Davy Galt
Drew Steele
The Amphora
The Amphora