"Mrs Hooks Brook" by Larry Guild
"Classical Gas" by Henry Gorman
"Hill 60" by Cammy Forbes
"Song for the Japanese Dolphin" by The Dolphins

"The Story of life" by Cammy Forbes/The Dolphins

This part of the site is to highlight another area of the music from the bands and musicians connected with Glasband 80, such as instrumentals, cover versions etc...
We will also provide some DID YOU KNOW info along with the tracks....Enjoy !

More tracks will be added as we get them.

"The Story Of Life" original version was performed live (with lyrics) towards the end of The Dolphins as a band, only Cammy Forbes (Piano and Vocals) and Drew Phillips (Keyboards) played on the song when it was performed live, The instrumental version (Above) was used as the introduction track as the Band took to the stage at gigs.

This track is based on the Japanese dolphin hunts during the mid 80s and the shocking news reports on TV at the time, The track starts with a slow melody on piano representing the serenity and calm of a dolphin gliding through the ocean, then moves onto a louder more explosive section representing "The Hunt" as the dolphin is being chased by the Japanese fishing boats and at the end, back to the quieter haunting melody again as the dolphin is killed.... Listen out for the unusual drum beat in "The Hunt" section and the slight Japanese theme running through the track. Top marks to the Band for this Live, impecably performed instrumental.
"Strange" Scheme Vs Emoticon
Ayrshire Band "Emoticon" recorded this cover version of Scheme's "Strange" in 2007 for a charity album of Scheme covers, Unfortunately the charity album never happened for whatever reason, but at least we have this great cover of "Strange".
DID YOU KNOW... Scheme used to perform an instrumental "live" around 1982 called "The Scheme Theme" a kind of pop/funk number with the Keyboards, guitar and Sax taking turns to play the melody, We will put the track on as soon as we get a copy of it.
And Covers
"Etude" By Michael Paterson from "Interstate"
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