Henry Gorman - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Ronnie Garrity
Danny Gisbey
Keyboards, Vocals
John Grant
- Drums, Vocals.

With many more line up changes over the years

Original Line up

The Henry Gorman Band started around 1978 / 79 after the break up of “Rivendell”, a band that won the 1st Melody Maker battle of the bands in Scotland. HGB went on to tour with Frankie Miller, Wishbone Ash, Budgie, Girlschool and Played the first Loch Lomond Festival alongside Ian Gillian, Lindesfarne, Wild Horses, Denny Laine and many others.
The band also performed the first annual Kelvingrove Festival which was such a success that they were asked to headline the following year. Henry signed with publisher Jonathan Rowlands who owned the ‘Producers Workshop’ In London where the band went to record what was to become ‘The Official Bootleg’Album Produced by Chris Adams (String driven thing) and the band, a single was released ‘Chase the night away’ which was championed by Tommy Vance on Radio 1 and Douggie Donnelly on Radio Clyde. HGB built a large following around Scotland and toured relentlessly. Went to Europe and played some gigs and TV shows. Highlighted by the trips to Bulgaria and Poland during the Solidarity riots and at the death of Brezhnev. It was an interesting time.
HGB,s Album was really “bootlegged” by the State and became the top selling album next to ‘The Stones’. The band eventually moved to London as the Record Industry was nowhere to be seen in Scotland in those days. The musical times were ‘a changing which made Henry decide to move to New York in 1984.

Not long after moving to the States Henry moved into writing and producing other artists and was signed to Geffen records with his new band “Roo ha ha” as well performing alongside artists such as James Brown, Midge Ure and Robert Palmer, he has co-written and produced songs with writers Scott English (Westlife/Barry Manilow) Kenny Young ( The Drifters) Lisa Greene (Brittney Spears/ Kylie) Ray St John (Sade) and many more.
Mr Gorman was also a member of “ The Far Corporation” a collection of top musicians brought together by producer Frank Farian who had worked with Barkley James Harvest, Donna Summer and Stevie Wonder ( The Group where going to be Called “ The Frank Farian Corporation” but that was too much of a mouthful) they made the charts with “Stairway to Heaven” a feat not even achieved by Led Zeppelin as they never released the song as a single.
His last project in New York was “Big Stupid Guitars” with the album “Crack” which received rave reviews from various newspapers making it onto the album of the month column in the New York Post.

Henry is now living and working as a writer and producer in London writing music for other artists as well as revisiting his roots  with gigs with Ronnie Garrity and friends in Gourock mid 2010, early 2011 and 2013

Left , Henry’s Band Playing outside the ill fated World Trade Centre, New York, Performing for Kiss FM.

“The Official Bootleg” album.
The song “Chase the Night away” was released as a single and played regularly on Radio 1 and Radio Clyde.

Above , Henry’s solo project, these songs can be downloaded from his website.

ABOVE  The Henry Gorman Band at Loch Lomond 1980

Below....Rare footage of The HGB performing "Too Late"
Ronnie Garrity, bass
Danny Gisbey, Keyboards

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