Tom Russell was the presenter of Radio Clyde's Friday Night Rock show for over 25 years, he has met and interviewed some of the biggest rock stars in the world and is one of the most influential figures in getting Rock onto the radio in Scotland.

In this interview Tom Talks about how he got started in Radio Cyde, The Kelvingrove and Auchinlea Festivals from the 80s, His wild party with Ozzy Osbourne,The Bands he rates old and new and his job now at Rock Radio.

To this day Tom still heavily supports the local band scene as well as up and coming bands from all over, including the U.S. and he still has the same energy and desire as he did back in the early 80s to get Rock music on the radio to the masses.

Tommy met up with Tom Russell at GMG studios where 96.3 Rock Radio is broadcast for this inteview on the  28th of April 2009.

Tom at Radio Clyde from the 80s
Apparently later on that Tshirt came off....but who wants to see Tom with his T shirt off anyway?
Big Thanks Tom for giving the interview and for being so frank, honest and helpful.
Tom and Me, photo taken after the interview in 2009