Original Line up

George Paterson - vocals
Gordon Moir - guitars
Billy Donaldson - bass
Armando Colletta - drums

Other musicians involved with the band later on were.

Drums - Jim Tully
            John Slater
            John Telford

Keyboards - Vince McKay
                  Derek Archibald
                  Lesley Robertson

Live 2nd guitar - Stevie Boyle

Band write up by George Paterson.
"Little Town"

Big Thanks to George Paterson for providing the info for this page

W hite was formed in 1985 from the ashes of the "Molotov Cocktails" and
"MOT", both gigging Glasgow bands, the original line up was George
Paterson (vocals),  Gordon Moir (guitar),   Billy Donaldson (bass)  and
Armando Colletta (drums).
Our first gig was a live aid concert in Strathaven with Ricky Warwick's (The Almighty) band "Rough Justice", we actually helped him out as he was jumped by a jealous boyfriend and we went to his aid!
In the first 6 months of the band We played The Fixx, The Rock Garden, Maestros, The Doune, Venue and Mayfair and topped it off with a headline gig at the Barrowland in December 1985, after that, we all packed our jobs in as we started to believe that we were about to sign with Phonogram, London or Chrysalis Records. Unfortunately, the major deal didn't arrive but we kept plugging away and the following
year we were part of a compilation album called "Honey at the Core"
which featured a number of Glasgow bands that were in the process
of making it (Wet, Wet, Wet, Bluebells, Hue and Cry etc) Our claim to
fame was that this outsold Madonna's "True Blue" album for a couple of
weeks!! The royalties trickled in.......

Again, we kept ploughing our furrow and in 1987/88 we were regulars on
Scottish and National radio but still falling short of getting the big break. 

A move to London in 1988 after showcases at Furry Murrys and
The Cotton Club (with Suzanne Bonnar on backing vocals) saw us become
popular on the rock scene down there but bad advice saw us turn down
deals with interested independent labels in order to secure the
'mythic' major deal, by this point, the royalties had stopped!

As it's a lot harder to bum around (sorry, develop your talent in the
day time) in London, we all had to get jobs and that's when the
band started to fragment. I got married and moved abroad to write Euro
pop (true!) Gordon joined Then Jericho and Billy became a hifi mogul!

After a few years, we eventually drifted back towards each other and
Gordon and I started recording again as DMP, we've been playing the
occasional concert and selling albums on the internet and on iTunes
ever since.

  1. Wet Wet Wet - Home and Away
  2. Wyoming - Ambition
  3. Goodbye Mr Mackenzie - Skimming Stones
  4. Kevin McDermott - The Right to Reply
  5. Deacon Blue - Take the Saints Away
  6. Tony O'Neill - Try Again
  7. The Painted Word - Worldwide
  8. Pride - Love Night

Side Two:

  1. The Big Dish - Reverend Killer
  2. Hue and Cry - Dangerous Wreck
  3. Kick Reaction - Your Favourite Song
  4. The Floor - It Really Doesn't Matter
  5. White - Fear of God
  6. Bing Hitler - A Lecture for Burns Night
  7. The Bluebells - Guns and Accordions


Track listing for the 1986 Scottish Compilation album "Honey At The Core"
Side 1:
Gordon Moir and George Paterson are back together with their music project "DMP" check it out!
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Whte have recently reformed and brought out a website check it out at white