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Tom Russell
During one of the outdoor Concerts in Glasgow with an interestingly dressed young woman, Well it's better than a pic of Tom on his own, Innit !!
What you can't see is the back of that T shirt which says "FRANKIE  F***ING  MILLER That's Who " a piss take on the old Frankie goes to Hollywood T shirts from the 80s and a nod to our very own Frankie Miller.
Band Line up

Graham Tucker - vocals, Guitar'

Peter Masterson - bass

Dan Balgats - Guitar, vocals

George (Robbie) Robson - drums

Billy McGraw - Keyboards, sax

Studio Prints (1979)

played jazz-funk influenced rock

Lyrics believed to be all by Muir except for some Reilly songs ( eg On a winner)

Carol-Ann Muir vocals
Charles Reilly guitar, vocals
Mike Baxter keyboards
Graeme Butler tenor sax
Irvine Johnston alto sax, flute
Willie Wright bass
Allan Hall drums

a few gigs noted:

Pot black 13/10/79 27/10/79
QM union 1/12/79
5/6 12/79 Burns Howff
Bell College 14/12/79 with The Great Scrodini (hypnotist), Danny Kyle

Chow Pahrot
Heavy Pettin
Big George and The Business
Abel Ganz
Glasband 80 Logo idea from JJ
The Dead Skunk Band
Overhead Calm
Studio Prints
Alright chaps,

just doing some late night surfing and came upon 2 bands I played in in the
70's in this section
Contour were as you say a jazz funk outfit who really wanted to be The
Mothers! I replaced Mike Baxter of STM fame on guitar, vocals, flute and
even a bit of alto sax( I play about 4 notes) the line up was me ,Jim Aird
on keys, trumpet, trombone and vocs, Houston Ayre on bass, Jaz Sherry on
saxes and flute, Kenny McDonald, drums and Alan Tayler guitar. Kenny went on
to be a renouned engineer and producer and Alan who was a stunning guitarist
and RSAMD graduate on double bass and played in various orchestra's Im sure
went on to play with a band called Kissing the Pink who if I remember
correctly were a one hit wonder, but did have a brilliant Hammond player
called John Hall who joined the band in its later stages. We recorded 2
demo's, one in the very first incarnation of CaVa in Brian Young's house in
Maryhill and the 2nd in Scirocco in Kilmarnock, sadly both of them have been
Mandrake were a 4 piece rock covers band who played the whole of Robin
Trower's Bridge of Sighs album, a fact that coursed much mirth when Jimmy
Dewer and Frankie Miller turned up one Saturday night at The Howff when we
were playing, if we had known they were at the bar we would have crapped
ourselves! my vocals being a very, very, pale imitation! the rest of the
line up was Ewan Stewart, guitar Graham Jackson, bass and Garry Groves on
drums, God knows what these guys are up to now, but it gave me a few good


Hugh Carter ( Abel Ganz, Sticky Fingers)
Email Sent in by Hugh Carter (Abel Ganz)
Chou Pahrot Photos by Andrew King